Hire a Personal Chef!

I am surprised how many people have never considered hiring a personal chef. If you can afford the service, it is truly one of the best investments you can make in your health and family.

Take a look at this benefit-cost analysis:

Imagine These Benefits Time Saved Each Week Expected Outcomes Cost
Not having to plan meals (2 hours)

Not having to make a grocery list, drive to store, and shop for groceries (2 hours)

Not having to cook (3-8 hours)

Not having to clean up after cooking (4+ hours)

Having several chef-prepared nutritious meals with whole food ingredients (entrees, vegetables, grains, beans, and more) to eat all week

Not having to drive to a restaurant, wait for a seat, wait for your meal, wait for your check, and receive food that is usually detrimental to your health (1-2 hours each time)

Not exposing yourself and your family to “food” ingredients such as refined sugars, nitrates, chemically extracted oils, refined flours, nutrient-depleted processed foods, and many other questionable compounds

11-17 hours per week Happy taste buds

More time for family, leisure, work, etc.

Improved family health

Support for current health issues (e.g., weight loss, high blood pressure, etc.)

Development of healthy eating habits for your family

About $250 per week plus grocery costs

Even if you WEREN’T getting the health benefits of my meals, this program would still make sense. The time you would save alone amounts to approximately 1-2 full work days, just to plan and make healthy meals for your family. And many people simply don’t enjoy cooking or have the experience needed to consistently do it well.

If you have the money, it absolutely makes sense to have a personal chef because of the time you will save and the health benefits you’ll receive. Contact me using the web form on my Services page to see if I might be right for you.

For those who can’t afford personal chef services, if you are looking to build your cooking skills so you can cook at home, I love teaching people how to make simple, healthful meals at home. Check out my Services page and shoot me a message!