Sushi Party

I catered a party of 10 people recently and did a brief cooking demonstration. The theme of the night was sushi and everyone had a great time. The meal featured yellowtail tuna, bluefin tuna, escolar, and mackerel. I also made several vegan sushi rolls with avocado, cucumber, and mango.




Below: Rice balls for nigiri style sushi.



Weekend Retreat

I cooked for a small retreat last weekend – about 17 people. It was such a wonderful experience: selecting the menu, buying food, preparing it, and connecting with the retreat participants throughout the weekend. They were so appreciative! That’s why I became a chef – to prepare good, nourishing food for others and to share it with them. Here are some photos:

Below: Happy chef taking up residence in an unfamiliar but well stocked kitchen. 🙂


Below: A breakfast spread with homemade granola, fruits, and steel-cut oats.


Below: My homemade hummus. Excellent, if I do say so myself! Creamy, a bit sweet, and a hint of lemon.



Below: I created this jam on the fly using some local peaches I had on hand. It was quickly gobbled up by the happy retreaters.


Below: Dairy-free and gourmet quality cilantro cream and herb ricotta.


Below: Prepping roasted vegetables – a favorite!


Below: The last bites of veggie frittata, waiting for a hungry eater…


Let’s Roll!

Here’s what’s new – In two weeks, I am cooking for a retreat of 16 people here in Austin. I assisted Green Island Catering with two huge wedding jobs last week. I am working on securing an internship at a very high profile Austin establishment – very exciting!

Hello, world, here I come!

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Below: A few fun parsnips, just waiting for a happy customer to eat them…